My name is Romina Cristi-Olate (Rco) and I’m an artist and architect from Santiago de Chile. Life has taken me to live and work in different cities: Santiago, Montpellier, Combarbalá, Southampton, Riba-roja d’Ebre and now Utrecht. These experiences of moving through places inspired me to work around Psychogeography, exploring the subjective dimension of human dwelling. I try to answer questions like how we are connected with a territory, how it influences us, how we adapt when moving, and how art can be a language that helps us to comprehend those aspects of being alive in this world. The act of walking is a transversal thread across my creative process that so far includes watercolours, subjective maps, installations and zines

I’ve been selected to participate in artistic residencies and exhibitions in Europe, have exhibited solo and collectively around Europe, ran workshops for children, young people and adults in different countries in topics related to psychogeography, subjective mapping and urban sketching. 

For further detail about my exhibitions and experience see my cv